Fight 4 Christ ~ Youth Ministry

Welcome to Fight 4 Christ Do not let people disregard you because you are young, but be an example to all the believers in the way you speak and behave, and in your love, your faith and your purity……..1 Timothy 4:12 A Group of Christian Mixed Martial Artists, Martial Artists, Boxers, Grapplers, Kickboxers spreading theContinue reading “Fight 4 Christ ~ Youth Ministry”

Hello world! Are You in the right Place?

In the beginning God created the Heavens & the Earth…….Genesis 1:1 Notice the way God created the place first. God did not create man first then went about creating a place for him….. No, God created places before he created us. Not only did God create all kinds of creatures, He created them for specificContinue reading “Hello world! Are You in the right Place?”