What is burning in your Heart?

For to whomever much is given, of him much shall be required. Luke 12:48

Champions know that they are not born that way, that in order to become a champion they must train & fight their best everyday so when they here the final bell they still have a fire burning deep inside their hearts.

The path to becoming a champion is one of many highs and lows, one of struggles and temptations, a tough path and there are times when others will pass you by, when tiredness will overcome you and your strength fail you. You may lose your way and will have to work hard to push through to get back on track or pick yourself up of the canvas to carry on.

Champions know that what matters most is not style, but faith and staying power. And Champions know that success leaves clues. They look to past champions and follow their example….

Who is the Champion You most admire? What example did they leave that you follow?

There are many great Champions I admire. The Greatest was a man, who from an early age knew his purpose, knew where he was going and what he had to do. A man who was ridiculed, beaten for 2 days, tied to a pillar and whipped, a man who bled solid for 2 days, a man who carried the weight of his cross through the streets while those watching jeered and laughed at him, a man who was nailed to the cross he carried and hung up for all to see. A man when facing the cross said “For this cause I was born”…… And while hanging there in tremendous pain still managed to forgive those around him.

When this Champion’s final bell was ringing, the fire in his heart was still burning! What is your cause? What is your purpose? And how long will you let the fire burn in your heart?

God Bless You,

Ross B… the Punching Pastor

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