Girls ~ Vision

Mentoring for girls can be found as far back as the relationship shared between Ruth & Naomi or Mary & Elizabeth. This concept is not new and can be found throughout the bible.  In today’s culture & society the need for these kinds of relationships exists now more than ever. Teenage girls are being put under more pressure, temptation with each passing day. Most girls today do not even have a sense of identity regarding what it means to be a “woman,” much less a Godly one.

It is the vision of  Bad Girl Turned Good to see all teenage girls:

Develop their faith

Develop & grow a relationship with Jesus Christ

Inspire & Empower teenage girls to understand their importance

Discover their true God given potential

We are also here to support parents, teachers and leaders as they help girls navigate adolescence. Bad Girl Turned Good seeks a future where teenage girls & leaders through mentoring form lasting, life changing principles.

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