Overcoming Fear of Spiders

  Man, do i hate spiders, but sometimes you just have to jumo right in and bite the bullet. this was taken on a trip to Cambodia earlier this year, while we were feeding widows and orphans… and what do they do when they catch them? yep thats right they eat cook and eat them…Continue reading “Overcoming Fear of Spiders”

Bad Boy Turned Good in Soweto Slum, Nairobi, Kenya

I wanted to tell you that our trips are fun, but while we do have a little fun, we also get stuck in, get our hands dirty and do what we can with what we have. This trip along with taking 2 volunteers Bethany Barrett (18) & Grace O Donavan (36), was our first tripContinue reading “Bad Boy Turned Good in Soweto Slum, Nairobi, Kenya”

4 Myths About Suicide

Many Believe that only experts or professionals can prevent suicide. Well, Suicide prevention is everybody’s business, and anyone can help prevent the tragedy of suicide. 4 Myths About Suicide: A lot of myths surround suicide and depression. Often, people believe they are helpless to a person who is suicidal, or that talking about it mayContinue reading “4 Myths About Suicide”