Addiction… Try Jesus

I believe in reaching out and helping as many as I can, especially the those who are broken. We are all broken in some way or another, are we not?

Now, at this time of year especially, I see the destruction of addiction taking hold of many people. Perhaps someone who is reading this has a crippling addiction. You are well aware of the destruction it is causing to your life, your relationships, your family, your job. Addiction fills you with shame, depression and guilt. Addiction is destroying your life…. Period

So, here is what I want to tell you…. God is greater than your addiction. “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”. Let me tell you, the devil is a liar. The devil tells you there is no way out, there is no recovery…


Addiction can be a vicious cycle, you overcome, you relapse, overcome, relapse, overcome, relapse… you get the picture. I urge you to get some accountability in your addiction. Get Jesus into your life, “whom the Son sets free is free indeed”….

Jesus is bigger than your addiction. Jesus can help you with whatever your struggle is

Waiting for the atheists to come in and deny this, ye are free to say what ye will. But as a follower of Jesus Christ, if you don’t like what I say, feel free to unlike my page…. I am here to help people that are hurting from all walks of life. I am here to help people who are broken. Addiction is destroying many lives. I have listened to many people tell their stories, in Ireland, UK, Kenya, Cambodia of how addiction has destroyed their marriage, their family, how husbands have ran off to get drunk, to get high, leaving those behind trying to cope with the destruction addiction cause.

Listen up, God is bigger than your addiction and He wants to deliver you right now, this minute. God loves you… ask God to give you help, give you strength, to give you victory in your battle…and don’t turn back

Do whatever it takes, change your mobile number, stop hanging out with those who corrupt you. Once you overcome, stay away from those who will pull you right back to where you were, and let me tell you they will…….

Make the decision to overcome your addiction and walk away from it because you are going to ruin your life and everyone else who loves you.. Addiction is not worth it…. Period

Give Jesus a call… God Bless You

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