Love, Not Just A Word… It is Action

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

Love is not just a nice pretty word to be thrown about carelessly!!! Love is an action, Love looks like something.

  • Love is food and shelter to an orphan in Cambodia, forgotten about on the streets
  • Love is a bag of flour for a widow to feed her family in the slums of Kenya
  • Love is reaching out, sharing hope to those who are hurting in your community
  • Love is action, love looks like something……

On reflection on the year that is coming to a close, I have come to understand of what God is doing in Cambodia & Kenya can at times look overwhelming, scary and removed from the reality of our day to day life. Or is it?

What I have come to realise is that poverty, hopelessness and desperation does not always look like what we imagine it to look like. There are many in our towns and cities who need someone to stop for them, someone to show God’s love, His kindness, His mercy. Do not be fooled by the clothes they wear, the posh suits, the fancy cars, or the fact they seem to have their lives together on the surface.

Often when we see swans, so graceful an animal floating on the lakes, looking majestic, we forget that underneath the surface they are kicking their feet like crazy to move forward.

Underneath the surface of many people, I see the same hopelessness and despair that I found in the eyes of the street kid in Cambodia, the orphan in Soweto Slum in Kenya, the homeless man in the doorway on Patricks street in Cork, the family who have lost a loved one, many, have learned to hide it, to disguise it. These are the people in need, right where you are, just as there is people in need wherever I go.

Another thing I have come to understand, “I am not qualified to do what I do on these trips, I am far from perfect. By myself I can do nothing, it is only Jesus in me that inspires me to stop for the one and then do something practical for that person. And when I stop and reach out, I see things happen beyond what I could have ever imagined….. Here is the thing… He can do the same through you. If God can use me, He can use you, God can use anyone. You can be an example of Gods love, wherever you are, wherever you work, wherever you go. Surrender your life to Him more and more, day by day, and He will touch lives through you and you will see miracles.

No matter where you are on your journey with God, this morning, know, that God can use you to do something amazing… because you are there…

Love Never Ever Fails….

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