Develop A Positive Mindset in 12 steps

If you are like me and watched the Haye vs Bellew fight, only for Bellew to defy the odds and win the fight. Some will argue that it was because of his Achilles injury that he lost. Yet he landed some pretty big shots in the early rounds that Bellew was well able to take…..Why? Tony Bellew had the right mindset and was prepared not only physically, but mentally as well.


Champions will tell you when it comes to the fight or any sport, having the right mindset is crucial. In fact, having the right mindset in every area of life is crucial.

Your attitude can and will impact every element of your life, from early morning until you go to bed at night.

Here are my 12 steps to developing a positive mindset

  1. Make a list of what you are thankful for – this will put things in perspective and gratitude will start to become and instinctive reaction
  2. Surround yourself with positive people – this will help lift your mood and their behaviour will rub off on you
  3. Take care of yourself – eating well and getting plenty of rest and exercise will help you feel healthier both physically and mentally
  4. Take responsibility for your actions – don’t play the role of a victim, take control of your life and learn from your mistakes
  5. Outreach wherever you can – see how amazing the effect of helping others can have on the way you think
  6. Give out compliments – complimenting people genuinely and often will turn “looking for the good” into an instinctive habit
  7. Read Read Read – reading inspirational books will have an effect on the way you think which in turn will encourage positive thinking
  8. Consider the consequences to the choices you make – if you think you are going to fail at something, there is a pretty high chance you will. Don’t set yourself up for a fall
  9. Have a goal & Work towards it – this will keep you focussed, giving you motivation to overcome any obstacle you may come across
  10. Identify & replace Negativity – be aware when you are being negative and replace those thoughts with something more valuable
  11. Practice Practice Practice – the first 10 steps will not happen overnight, so keep persevering with them until they become a habit
  12. Never Ever Give Up – Keep moving forward & you will eventually get there…

All your decisions add up to where you are at… So if you’re not happy, then it’s time to make a conscious choice to change. What is the first thing that is on your list?

Ross B is founder of Bad Boy Turned Good (which featured on the tv programme “The Secret Millionaire) Based in West Waterford, Ireland.  He has mentored & coached in schools, gyms, clubs and youth projects in Ireland, USA, Cambodia & Kenya.

What would life look if you mastered your mind instead of letting it control you?

I’d love to know…

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