What Do You Want To Achieve

A couple of years ago with a lot of doubt, debating with myself of reasons not to get into it plus a lot of negative reactions from people on the matter, I took the plunge and joined the network marketing sector.

Why? I wanted to build a business that would enable me to fulfil my goals, while traveling, reaching out to the poorer communities across the globe and sharing the gospel. Yep you that right.

“For I was hungry and you gave Me food;” this line from Matthew has been on my mind for years and haunts me to this day. So I went for it…

Network marketing is unlike any other industry in that the empowering of others benefits everybody. Too often in the corporate world leaders don’t develop others in case they become a threat further down the line.

What I love about our industry is that the more people we help get what they want and become who they want to be, the more we benefit in return.

We need to look at people not based on who they are now, but on the person that they can become in the future. It’s then about nurturing them and helping them to develop in to that person.

Think of it as watering the plants, the more you give to others the more they grow. There will be some weeds that need pulling out along the way, but in doing so you give the plants more room to grow.

And so far I have been able to help in remote places of Cambodia and the slums of Nairobi. Not bad so far..

So with one quarter of 2017 gone, three quarters left to go, I want to ask you some questions to help you reflect on your year so far. I have asked myself these questions too:

– Have you achieved what you set out to achieve?

– What worked well for you?

– What could you have done differently?

– Did you make full use of my time?

– Have you been true to yourself and your values?

We will all have goals for the year ahead, and as with any goals we need to break them down. The purpose of asking these questions is to keep us on track to achieve them.

If not then now is the time to refocus and make sure that we make the most of the time left for us.

When we don’t have a plan to work to time slips by, leading us to question where did it go. It goes wherever we spend it, and once it’s spent it’s gone.

So, as we move in to the second quarter, focus on spending your time only where it will help you move forward in life, help you develop your skills and help take you closer to achieving your goals.

What are you waiting for? Ready to get started?

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