His Plan For Me 

When I stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ 
And He shows His plan for me, 

The plan of my life as it might have been 

Had He had His way – and I see 

How I blocked Him here, and checked Him there, 

And I would not yield my will, 

Will there be grief in my Savior’s eyes, 

Grief though He loves me still? 

Would He have me rich and I stand there poor, 

Stripped of all but His grace, 

While memory runs like a hunted thing, 

Down the paths I cannot retrace. 

Lord, of the years that are left to me 

I give them to Thy hand 

Take me and break me and mold me, 

To the pattern that Thou hast planned! 

-Author Unknown

Published by Ross B

Hello There, I am Ross aka "The Punching Pastor" (i know its a long story, but feel free to message me for it). So, Welcome to my blog. I’m a Pastor, Chef, Coach and Missionary. Serving the hungry in Kenya, Cambodia & Laos bringing hope through practical and spiritual aid by: • Giving basic shelter to orphans/street kids • Giving basic education to the children • Getting young girls off the streets, out of prostitution and back to school • Teach families nutrition and hygiene • Those with HIV/AIDS & their families receive at home care • Provide single mothers & widows with microloans to start small businesses • Educate community members about the devious methods of traffickers

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