Falling short of the mark

Sin — (falling short of the mark)1. Sin feels good short time.” choosing rather to be mistreated with the people of God than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin” Hebrews 11:25. (Then comes remorse, guilt, misery grieving and maybe more)

2. Sin does not satisfy

3. Sin leads to more sin

4. Sin creates an appetite to do it again (only you become a little weaker every time you sin and before you know it, you become a slave to it)

5. Sin destroys.

Be killing Sin or Sin will be killing you, consider guilt and pain gifts from God to warn us that the pleasures of sin are suicidal. . you cannot keep sources of temptation around you and then Pray “God lead me not in to temptation” .. temptation is not sin. Getting to know God, really getting to know God, reading His word is a great way of overcoming sin. Seek God while He can still be found. You are as Holy as you want to be….. All In or All Out? Its up to you. 

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