Recently I watched a film called “Trade”, starring Kevin Kline. Basically it was a film about a brother trying to get his sister back after been kidnapped out of Mexico and being trafficked into the USA as a sex slave to the highest bidder. As I watched the film it felt like my own daughter was the one who was been trafficked
Now it is not often my emotions will run high during a film, but this one got me angry, I mean really angry. You see, trafficking/ slavery is happening all around the world today. It is estimated that there are close to 35 million slaves in the world today. (stats were given at an international justice meeting I attended last Saturday). Shortly after the film, I heard a guy talking about trafficking in Asia, and how they discovered rooms in Thailand with 50 – 100 young boys and girls waiting to be trafficked. 
Let’s face it modern day slavery is real. 

Try to imagine how you would feel if someone you knew personally, a friend, a neighbour, your kids friends, one of their classmates was being trafficked…. These are young boys and girls, taken from their homes, taken to different countries, trafficked across borders, sold to brothels, so they can be abused. Overnight there world changes. They are made to work for food and rent. Refusal to service a customer, would lead to a beating, no food.. Alone in a foreign city or country with nowhere to go. They are trapped inside a nightmare….
It has been a few days now, but the anger is still there. Anger motivates me to take a stand, to seek justice. It is time to direct that anger into action. The bible shows that God gets angry when He sees, oppression and justice. Our outreach into Cambodia, Kenya,has taken on extra meaning….
A massive thank you to those who have helped so far, if you want to get involved in the work we do, please get in touch, we need all the help we can get….

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