Who are you Encouraging 

When strength fails and we grow weary and discouraged, we need someone to come alongside us, show understanding, cheer us up, and inspire us to have the same strength and commitment to move on….

  • When bills pile up and money runs short… we need an encourager. 
  • When it seems like the world is against us…we need an encourager. 
  • When friends or family turn against us….we need an encourager. 

Our strength and resole weaken. Oh for someone to come beside us and lift us up and comfort us.

  • Encouragers help us stir renewed commitment, renewed resolve. They inspire us with courage and hope. 
  • Encouragers bring a beautiful gift when they bring renewal through encouragement.

“GOD has driven out superpower nations before you. And up to now, no one has been able to stand up to you. Think of it—one of you, single-handedly, putting a thousand on the run! Because GOD is GOD, your God. Because he fights for you, just as he promised you. Joshua 23:9-10 

God has promised us that the more we suffer for Christ, the more God will shower His comfort through Christ……………. 2 Corinthians 1:5

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