You Never Lose…

I remember my coach saying to me after suffering a loss, “You never lose a fight, you find another way to win”. How true, if we never learn from our mistakes, how then victory will come.

If you are a Christian and are a fighter, let me ask you this, is there any chance, any possibility that you have been chosen to experience defeat for the glory of God. Have you ever stopped and pondered on that after a loss?

For to you it has been granted on behalf of Christ, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake……….Philippians 1:29

Do your prayers seem to go unanswered while you are standing in the middle of a storm that appears so much bigger than you?

Are you strengthened by your struggles? Sometimes we suffer a temporary defeat on the side of heaven to highlight the strength of God to those who do not believe in Him. God will use whatever He wants to display His love for all of us.

So rather than quitting in the corner on your stool, think on it, keep praying on it, learn form it and most of all use it to demonstrate the Glory of God. In the midst of our problems is the perfect opportunity to let the Kingdom of Heaven shine for all too see

We always fight from victory not for victory, after all it is called a fight for a reason. Keep those hands up!!

Published by Ross B

Hello There, I am Ross aka "The Punching Pastor" (i know its a long story, but feel free to message me for it). So, Welcome to my blog. I’m a Pastor, Chef, Coach and Missionary. Serving the hungry in Kenya, Cambodia & Laos bringing hope through practical and spiritual aid by: • Giving basic shelter to orphans/street kids • Giving basic education to the children • Getting young girls off the streets, out of prostitution and back to school • Teach families nutrition and hygiene • Those with HIV/AIDS & their families receive at home care • Provide single mothers & widows with microloans to start small businesses • Educate community members about the devious methods of traffickers

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