Month: August 2017

  • Tick Tock ….. Tick Tock

    Tick Tock ….. Tick Tock

    The days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day—Psalm 139:16 There are twenty-four hours in every day. We wish for more. We often act as if there were more: stay at work a little longer; stay up a little later, cram a bit more in. No matter what we do, though . […]

  • Let It Go

    Let It Go

    Sometimes we hold onto our possessions because we fear we might run out. But when we believe that giving is the way to live, we will produce more in the future…. You can give with out loving yet you cannot love without giving. And it is so easy to love those who love us… How […]

  • From Our Host in Nairobi

    From Our Host in Nairobi

    Dear Pastor Ross & the Team, Greetings in precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I am sorry for writting this letter late though am a confident believer of God’s timing to be the best!!. This has been due to my commitments and rushing here and there for ministerial duties plus my car […]

  • Suicide is Not The Answer

    Suicide is Not The Answer

    Suicide is rarely a spur of the moment decision. In the days and hours before people kill themselves, there are usually clues and warning signs. The strongest and most disturbing signs are verbal – ‘I can’t go on,’ ‘Nothing matters any more’ or even ‘I’m thinking of ending it all.’ Such remarks should always be […]

  • Where is Your Focus

    Where is Your Focus

    A lady went to her Pastor and said “Pastor, I won't be going to your church anymore.” The Pastor responded “But why?” The lady said “Ah! I saw a woman gossipping about another member; a man that is a hypocrite; the worship team living wrong; people looking at their phone during service; among so many […]