From Our Host in Nairobi

Dear Pastor Ross & the Team,
Greetings in precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I am sorry for writting this letter late though am a confident believer of God’s timing to be the best!!. This has been due to my commitments and rushing here and there for ministerial duties plus my car problem which is still at garage. I am sorry for I did not had good opportunity to say goodbye to the entire team at the airport due to the same car problem. I hope you all understood my situation and bared with. All the same I believe you had a safe travel back home and enjoying your stay in kenya for ten days. I apologize for any shortcomings and inconviniences.
I lack english vocabularies which can be said to express our joy to receive you pastor Ross and the entire team. I learnt many things from you and the team and one thing am sure of is that you are a God sent to mugure slum to change the lives of the community. First time in history we have witnessed people with genuine love towards the less privileged in the communities. My slum people and my family find it hard to windup a day without mentioning you in good faith and for good reasons. Simply allow me to say thank you.
It was a blessing to agree to work with you and I pledge my loyalty to everything we agreed upon. After election temperatures cools down I will start the new registration of the school BORN FOR GREATNESS ACADEMY (BFGA). Many people whom you met both from church and community have many requests but I asked them to submit their proposals in our office next month as from 5th for filing up and scrutiny whereby nothing has been promised. Everybody is aware that you and the team are committed to the children project first and then once the children project is firm established, your office will decide what to support next.
I am looking forward to sign agreement with one of the landlords who will agree to lease us six rooms per one year as we agreed.
Pray for our nation kenya for peace to prevail because the leaders have difficulties in accepting presidential results and the tension is very high. God bless you and your team as we are looking forward to work together for the glory of God and more over  as we look forward to your soon return in our wonderful and great nation kenya.
Last but not least  great your your wife and let her know that we appreciate  her for permitting the whole family to come and serve kenyan people. All Born For Greatness Team Kenya 2017 are saluted and highly  appreciated.
To God be all the glory.
In His Service,
Benson Musyimi

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