Month: September 2017

  • There Is Still Time

    There Is Still Time

    Many People believe we can live life in whatever we want disregarding the ten commandments & Gods word. Many are trying to make God confirm to their way of thinking. Many believe that they can continue to commit whatever will full acts they want too & God will be okay with them. Many believe they…

  • White Carrot er No… Its a Parsnip

    White Carrot er No… Its a Parsnip

    This cream-colored root vegetable may grow like a carrot, and look like a carrot, and is related to parsley, but make no mistake:  the unassuming parsnip is in a class all its own, with a subtle sweetness that draws in even the most discerning taste. Parsnips have been known for their sweetness. Native to Eurasia…

  • Someday Syndrome

    Someday Syndrome

    Are you a bit like me and suffer from the “Someday Syndrome”. Someday, when I get through this problem, then I’ll really do the things that are most important. Someday, when I get through this situation, I’ll really enjoy life. The one I always said was, “Someday, when things settle down, I will really get…

  • We Need You….Join The Team

    We Need You….Join The Team

    How many times have you thought, ” if I can just rescue one broken life”? Just to remember that to do so would mean, you are willing to lay down your own life….!!! If making a difference in today’s world is on your heart, then come make a difference to many people across the globe…

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