We Need You….Join The Team

How many times have you thought, ” if I can just rescue one broken life”? Just to remember that to do so would mean, you are willing to lay down your own life….!!!

If making a difference in today’s world is on your heart, then come make a difference to many people across the globe in a life changing internship at Street Kitchen Church.

Its not about the skills you have, its about where your heart is. Street Kitchen Church is looking for humbler people ready to serve. We need interns, short term missionaries and gap year students. People willing to work alongside hurting orphans, widows who are often forgotten about.

We need people able to mentor the desperately needy, to cook and serve, educate, build schools, businesses or just to play a game of football meeting them where they are at in this world.


We need people who are willing to get their hands dirty, who are ready to sweat, to cry, to laugh, to demonstrate love by cooking some rice, sweeping a floor to teaching in a classroom and more.

We need people who are open for adventure in such places as Cambodia, Laos, Kenya and more…


So Who Are We ?

Street Kitchen Church is an outreach of Bad Boy Turned Good. Street Kitchen Church was borne out of the intense passion to feed and serve orphans, widows and homeless around the globe. We want to make a difference to those living in extreme poverty. The amazing aspect about Street Kitchen Church is that we are partnering with grassroots organisations that do amazing work with orphans, widows and homeless  living in extreme poverty around the world.

Ross Barrett planned a trip to Cambodia in  2015. On landing in Phnom Penh and getting a tuk-tuk to the hotel, I saw children as young as 1 & 2 year old’s in the street being cared for by 8/9 year old’s, without parents, without adults and without any nutrition. In fact they were digging through that days rubbish to find food.

Ross has expanded the Bad Boy Turned Good Programme to help feed, cloth and educate these kids and kids like them around the world.

On my last day, I walked around the local market where there was a girl alone, who stood there watching me with the most incredible eyes. In her eyes, I saw a sense of desperation a longing for someone to help. At that time, all I could do was walk away. I came back from this trip and I just cried and prayed asking God how can we help?

We both realized the need is so big, we can’t do everything, but how can we help?”

We can start by feeding and clothing these kids… Ross B

What Can We Offer You? 

We offer short term and long term opportunities. From 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years, becoming part of our team will provide you with practical, hands on training for a future in full time missions, social work or social justice.

Cross Cultural Experience

You will get to live in a culture different from your own. Street Kitchen Church  opportunities exist in Ireland, USA, Kenya, Cambodia & Laos.

Low Cost

Street Kitchen Church will provide you with free accommodation and meals as a working member of our team, and in some causes a stipend. All you have to do is pay for travel to and from our base and the basic personal expenses you may have.

So if you are ready to lay down that life of yours, get in touch, fill out the form below and visit our website http://www.streetkitchenchurch.com


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