So having a few evenings free over the last week, I have really enjoyed spending it with my family, playing board games, whining on sing star, and watching more TV than I normally would do… whether you agree or not, I am shocked the crumbling and decay of our nation’s moral standards and the idolatry of worshiping false gods such sport, sex and technology

There are some things the Old Testament explains about God, His character, how He will answer the heart cries of those who call out to Him… and they do not change…

Isaiah 58 ~

6 “Here is the way I want you to fast.

“Set free those who are held by chains without any reason.

Untie the ropes that hold people as slaves.

Set free those who are crushed.

Break every evil chain.

7 Share your food with hungry people.

Provide homeless people with a place to stay.

Give naked people clothes to wear.

Provide for the needs of your own family.

8 Then the light of my blessing will shine on you like the rising sun.

I will heal you quickly.

I will march out ahead of you.

And my glory will follow behind you and guard you.

That’s because I always do what is right.

9 You will call out to me for help.

And I will answer

Published by Ross B

Hello There, I am Ross aka "The Punching Pastor" (i know its a long story, but feel free to message me for it). So, Welcome to my blog. I’m a Pastor, Chef, Coach and Missionary. Serving the hungry in Kenya, Cambodia & Laos bringing hope through practical and spiritual aid by: • Giving basic shelter to orphans/street kids • Giving basic education to the children • Getting young girls off the streets, out of prostitution and back to school • Teach families nutrition and hygiene • Those with HIV/AIDS & their families receive at home care • Provide single mothers & widows with microloans to start small businesses • Educate community members about the devious methods of traffickers

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