4 Myths About Suicide

Many Believe that only experts or professionals can prevent suicide. Well,
Suicide prevention is everybody’s business, and anyone can help prevent the
tragedy of suicide.
4 Myths About Suicide:
A lot of myths surround suicide and depression. Often, people believe they are
helpless to a person who is suicidal, or that talking about it may push the
person in the wrong direction. These myths are not true. Educate yourself
about these myths and share the truths with others. You may help save a life.

Myth 1: Those who talk about suicide don’t do it.

The Lie – Most of the people who either attempted or completed suicide have
made their intentions known ahead of time by either talking about it or by giving
other clues. Talk of suicide should not be ignored or readily dismissed.

Myth 2: If a person is really intent on killing themselves, there is nothing
anybody can do to stop them.

The Lie – Even the most severely depressed person has mixed feelings about
dying and most likely just wants to end the pain they are in, not their lives.
Often times if a person in crisis gets the help they need, they will never be
suicidal again. Suicide can be prevented in most cases and any act of kindness
has the potential to save a life.

Myth 3: If you talk about suicide, you give people the idea to kill

The Lie – Chances are if you’re thinking about suicide, they’ve already thought
it too. Asking somebody directly about suicidal thoughts often brings a sense of
relief to the suicidal person and helps them to live, not give them ideas to die.

Myth 4: Only experts or professionals can prevent suicide.
The Lie – Suicide prevention is everybody business, each and everyone of us can make a difference and prevent suicide




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