What Makes A Champion – Part 1

When you step into the ring to fight, everything that you are comes at you. I am sure the same can be said of all sports. Sports tests everything that a person is, the striving for victory, the hurt, the pain can all be found in sport. Yet it  is the same qualities that propel those fighters to victory that we can use in everyday life. Some of the values that can be found in competition should take place in every human heart.

So what are these qualities we are talking about?


This is the kind of desire that drives a person to victory not only in the fight but also in life. It is not as simple as saying “I think I will go out and fight”. To become a champion,  one has to train thousands of hours and there is only one currency you can trade in that will cover the cost and that is “DESRE”.

To win titles, you have to go farther than everyone else, you have to have enough burning desire to pour on that extra bit of effort. This is what differentiates Champions form all else…. It is the margin between victory & defeat.

On asking people “what makes a champion?”, the responses have come thick and fast, “sheer hard work”,  that’s all it takes, “great coaching”, “God given potential”, “inspiration”, “encouragement”, are just some of the replies. And I would agree, you got to have all that, ye there is still something missing.

You show me a person with a “Burning Desire” to win and I will show you a person who will work hard for however long it takes to become a champion. Show me those who want to climb to the top & I will show you those who will be coached, they will ask for it, they will welcome it, they will beg for it, they will use all their God given talent they have. They will wash in inspiration, but if they have no desire they won’t move……

It is the point you push through, “when the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”, the bible teaches us that the issues of life come out of the heart…. You got to have a burning desire in your heart.

Deciding to be a champion does not fall out of the sky, it begins when you think about it, when you think about becoming a world champion, an Olympic gold medallist or a world record breaker. You begin to envision great ideas, great concepts, great goals. When you become obsessed with these visions and goals in life, you have got to have an inner motivation – that something that will drive you on & for me it is called Desire & I have never seen a title, a gold medal or a world record broken without it…


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