Teenage Revolution

I listen to young people, whinge and moan all the time about the way life is or rather the way their lives are. So I want to challenge them to stand up and do something about it. I want them to start a revolution……

There is a book today that was written, without a computer, the help of the internet, even without pens & paper. The authors used parchment etc. The book was written a couple of thousand years ago in ancient time. The book of course was the bible….
What could you (a modern teenager) possibly have in common with men that wore robes, sandals and long beards?

1. They struggled with Lust, when they saw a hot chick; their hormones kicked in, and imagined the kind of things you imagine.

2. They had mates who got them into trouble

3. Parents who didn’t understand them

4. Enemies who made life miserable for them

5. Rules that messed with their fun.

6. They struggled with their feelings of Anger, Fear, Competiveness, and Arrogance & Insecurity amongst others.

Sound familiar!! Can you identify with any of these?

When most books are forgotten within months of reading, how come there is one book, the Bible, that remains so current, so fresh and so timely.

Did you know that most stolen book is the Bible!

The Bible gives us Wisdom, Instructions & Lessons straight from the creator of the universe. All that God wants us to know, about him, his plan for the world, his purpose for our lives, and what God expects from us can all be found in this book. I challenge anybody to pick up a bible (God’s word), with an open mind and an open heart, make reading it a part of their daily routine and take the time to understand what it has to say, not to notice a massive change in their lives.

You will become more than a nicer person. You will start a revolution on the inside that will move outwards. It will open your eyes to things you did not see before. You will be introduced to new ways of thinking, ways that you not have considered before. Your confidence will grow.

This revolution will transform you in such a way that it will have an impact on your family, friends and other people around you.

Just so you know as with all revolutions, it won’t be easy. It is not a quick fix or will happen overnight. Understanding God’s word takes time, patience and perseverance

One of the most exciting spiritual adventures in life is helping another person find God.. Join the revolution now, or for more info on how to start a revolution in your area….

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