Christmas – 2018

When we wake up on Christmas morning, what will be looking for? Will we be getting together around the tree so we can hear the story of the birth of Jesus, as if it is the greatest gift we could ever receive? Is our first thought about Jesus, the Word of God who came intoContinue reading “Christmas – 2018”


It all depends in whose hand it is A tennis racket is useless in my hands. A tennis racket in Serena Williams hands is worth Millions. A rod in my hands will keep an angry dog away. A rod in Moses’ hands parted the mighty Red Sea. A sling shot in my hand is aContinue reading “WHOSE HANDS?”


Have you settled for less because you think you have reached your limit? Are you thinking too small? Jesus once said “You have not, because you ask not?”. Have you stopped asking? Perhaps you feel God has done all He can for you? Let’s not forget that you are God’s most prized possession, an original,Continue reading “THINK – PRAY – BELIEVE”