Have you settled for less because you think you have reached your limit? Are you thinking too small?

Jesus once said “You have not, because you ask not?”. Have you stopped asking? Perhaps you feel God has done all He can for you?

Let’s not forget that you are God’s most prized possession, an original, a masterpiece….

So stop with the small minded mentality, stop thinking small. Stop with the limited vision. Stop limiting Gods way to your way. Be bold, step up to the plate… in fact I dare you too. I dare you to believe.

Here are some truths:

If you think small – you will receive small

If you think barely get by – you will barely get by

If you think your problem is to big – you will remain defeated

Jesus said “according to your faith , it will be done unto you”… where is your faith? Think big, increase your faith, God is on your side and He is a God of breakthrough. He will remove the obstacles in your life, He will help you accomplish the dreams you never thought possible.. I dare you to believe.

The biggest battle we ever fight is that battle that takes place in the mind. Stop allowing the thoughts that tell you:

It is not going to happen

You are too old

You have made too many mistakes

You will never achieve your dreams

Start by giving thanks to God. Put your trust in Him, place your confidence in Him and I know He will not disappoint you. Stop accepting thing in your life that are less than Gods purpose for your life.

Do not let other people stop you, the only person that can stop you is you. You are in control & God is on your side.

Tomorrow is a new day, plant new thoughts in your mind, sow new seeds in your heart. Release your faith. Believe all things are possible.

Believe big, pray bigger, pray more. Wake up each morning and give thanks for the day God has made and thank Him. Honour God, remain faithful, give thanks and watch how things start to shift in your favour…


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