Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win

What does it take to become a true champion, endless hours of training ! Yes. But it takes a little more than that to become a champion.

The increased stress of competitions can cause sports people ( professional & amateur) to react both physically and mentally in such a way that can negatively affect their performance abilities. They can become tense, heart rates race, break out in a cold sweat and worry about the outcome and they find it hard to concentrate on the task in hand.

So what makes a sportsperson great? ……….

Attitude, the ability to accept situations and make them work in their favour. Winning and losing comes down to who can stay focused…..great sports people are mentally tough, mentally conditioned and focused.  What if we adopted this way into our everyday life, what changes would we see? Now imagine focusing and changing one area of our own lives every month, how much more would we achieve by the end of the year…..!!

Our programme here @BadBoyTurnedGood will guide you on focusing in on your strengths and seeing what needs to be addressed. We then set out to achieve the goals before you in a structured manner, in chosen area of your life & identify the changes you need to make. 

Remember champions are made, never born.

Published by Ross B

Hello There, I am Ross aka "The Punching Pastor" (i know its a long story, but feel free to message me for it). So, Welcome to my blog. I’m a Pastor, Chef, Coach and Missionary. Serving the hungry in Kenya, Cambodia & Laos bringing hope through practical and spiritual aid by: • Giving basic shelter to orphans/street kids • Giving basic education to the children • Getting young girls off the streets, out of prostitution and back to school • Teach families nutrition and hygiene • Those with HIV/AIDS & their families receive at home care • Provide single mothers & widows with microloans to start small businesses • Educate community members about the devious methods of traffickers

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