Persecution in Laos

As Christians who live in the western world, we can freely worship and share our faith on a daily basis. However it is not like this for all Christians across the globe and especially in Laos.

Let me introduce to Mr Yeh, 27 years old and his wife, Dom, 25 years old. Born into the Khmu tribe, they live in Houaylah village in the Nan district of the Luangprabang Province in Laos.

This village has 2 religions; Animist & Buddhist and also is home to 2 tribes: Lao & Khmu.

Yeh & his wife had 3 children who all died, were devasted and could find little hope. After an outreach to the village and hearing the good news of Jesus, both Yeh and his wife chose to follow Jesus. On May 18th, 2018 Dom gave birth to her 4th child, who lives today. They are so overjoyed with their new found belief, and how God had blessed them, they began sharing their faith and declaring the gospel in their village.

Three more families have come to follow Jesus. And this is where the persecution begins

Yeh’s parents were unhappy with them and told the village chief and the police of what they were doing. On March 15th this year their small bit of land and everything they owned was taken from them and they were cast out of the village.

Mr Yeh and his family went to live in a small rice storage in his friends field until they could make alternative arrangements and join with other Christians. With nothing, He is trusting God to provide for him and his family.

If you can help His current needs are for: rice, small area of land, mattress, blanket, cooking pot & utensils… donations can be made via paypal:

Please keep Yeh & Dom in prayer.

This is the rice storage unit where they are living with their young child.

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