We Have To Move From Helping The Poor To Letting The Poor Help

Is there anything we can do that Kenya or Cambodian or Laos cannot?

Even though good intentions are abound, we often seek to work for the poor or work with the poor and I know by doing this we suffocate local resourcefulness. By doing this we can further imbed poverty, that is the forms of poverty that result when our friends already feel inadequate

I believe in edifying those within their own communities because each and every one of them has the potential to transform their own community from the inside out. When they take ownership, changes last and even multiples. Let us empower them into solving their own community problems. Let them be the ones who choose which community issues they want to work on. Those they help will become helpers themselves.

A simple idea to begin with is to introduce a “Savings Club”. The people, including mothers, fathers, kids of that particular community come together on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and put a bit of savings into a community fund. Members can then borrow from this fund and pay it back, interest free or with a smallest amount of interest that is later divided among the members. This way school fees are paid, children eat healthier food, young girls are taken out of prostitution and back into education and small businesses can be started… and who did it? They did, they helped each other out.

This is the difference between a programme and a movement, A programme can lean towards being transactional… Movements are transformational with the basis to carry on as a collective journey.

Will you join me into developing such movements in Kenya, Cambodia & Laos?

One response to “We Have To Move From Helping The Poor To Letting The Poor Help”

  1. This is the best way you can transform our Community, Our Orphans, venreble Children ,People living with HIV. Aids ,widows .you are welcome with the team to Our County.
    Yours in Christ
    Rev. Peter Odhiambo Okoth
    P.O Box 174-40400 SUNA MIGORI KENYA

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