Cross-Cultural Relationships

Being partners in a cross-cultural relationship requires a commitment for the long haul, As CS Lewis wrote, “if something is not important for eternity, it is eternally unimportant”

Here at Bad Boy Turned Good & Compassionate Kitchen, if we are not friends, we can’t work together, we have to be friends first.

I have come to understand that a lack of economic means is not the root problem of poverty, but yet we see it this way win the western world. Our vision needs to change so instead of seeing the solution in keeping this or that project going so we can bless our partners with a share of the economic wealth with which we have, ourselves been blessed, or to set up services that will provide basic needs for others. But still we insist that our money will solve the problem.

We need to stop jumping from project to project so as to ensure some kind of monetary benefit or provision for a felt need. Remember, we all share at the “Fathers Table”. Our resources are not ours; they are Gods. They are not ours to stockpile. Our mindset has to shift from, “mine or yours” to “We are all resources”. Each and every one of us is an important part of making that happen and blessing each other as we all sit at the same table.

The 5:2 principle from Matthew 14 is simply giving what we have, what we know and all of our experiences to Jesus, because He does the miracle. Our job is to take that step of faith and give all we have over to Him. Maybe, just maybe the miracle wasn’t in the loaves and fishes being multiplied, but maybe the miracle was the giving up by one young boy the 5 loaves and 2 fish.

And we should apply this principle with our partners across the world. We must give up all our control over what we think we have and allow Jesus to take it on order for the miracle to happen.

Over the last number of years, and I believe this is so important, is that we identify those who share this passion to come together and watch what God will do. I tend to look for those who are already doing something with their 5 loaves and 2 fish.

I have learnt this in an expensive and difficult way, and don’t start anything with people who are not using what they already have, and for partnership to begin, we must be friends first.

11 responses to “Cross-Cultural Relationships”

  1. Dear Cross,
    Please kindly welcome to pray for the Kenya church needs and welcome to work with us please, welcome to visit us in the Kenya church

  2. Receive greetings in the almighty name of Jesus Christ.I am so excited to reach out to your ministry.i am so blessed by the teachings you offer on your page.i would like to be part of your ministry and learn more from you servant of God.We need to reach out to unreached,win lost souls in Christ and save those who need salvation.
    Yours in Christ pastor ondieki

  3. Am humbled to read such a passionate massage from the very heart of our master lord Jesus surely may God bless so much for your passion am willing to work with you here in my country Uganda to extend the love of God in atangeble way am so grateful.

  4. Founder GOSPEL REVIVAL MINISTRES International
    (sharing the love of Christ) ❤️
    On rescue mission
    Helping poor widows and Orphans
    God is my life

  5. I’m belong to TRIBAL GOSPEL FELLOWSHIP OF MINDANAO church, our church is looking for a donation and sponsor for our final church, church instrument and bibles..

  6. We are love charity Christian group here in Kenya and we really humbly ask for your help and support where you can be touched to educate poor children and bring something to there table to eat.
    Mark 10:25 with God all things are possible

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