Girls in Kenya are forced to have in sex in exchange for sanitary productsdue to the prevalence of period poverty and the shame, stigma and public health misinformation which surrounds menstruation. Our Street Smart Sister programme was set up to give these young girls sanitary product packs & food packs as an opportunity not to get caught up in this cycle and complete their schooling. Each Pack costs €2.00 /$2.50

How It Works:

A teenage girl willingly makes a commitment for 3 months to join our programme (on a renewable basis), refrain from prostitution and drug use, recieve their packs weekly, become ambassadors for Street Smart Sisters, and educate their friends and family on the effects of prostitution and drug use Since the launch of the programme attendance has increased by 80% where organisation is through these teenage girls. Most of these new girls coming to the programme are either prostitutes or on drugs, are now success stories of those who have managed to transform their lives. During our weekly meetings they get to share how their week was, the success and challenges faced during the week and how they overcame them.

How You Can Help:

  • Become a “Street Smart Sister Ambassador”, in your town, school, church, college, workplace
  • Volunteer to join and work with us in Kenya Organise a fundraiser
  • Sponsor a “Sanitary Product Pack” – €2.00 / $2.50
  • Give what you can via our donate page on

Bad Boy Turned Good is a registered Community Based Orgaonisation with the Kenyan Government Reg No: HUD.GPO/KAS/CBO/7/2019/0009 Karioba North, Ruaraka, Nairobi, Kenya (copy of registration available on request) Head Office: Main Street, Villierstown, Co Waterford, Ireland email: / tel: 087955122

2 responses to “STREET SMART SISTERS”

  1. 1. It is not simple to donate! When I click on ‘Donate’ it does not bring me to a page where I can donate. So alas I have not yet made a donation.
    2. I like what you write about ‘let them help’ and how talented many of these people re.
    3. What are the disposal facilities for sanitary items disposal in Kenya? Are the products eco-friendly, biodegradable?
    Thank you for caring.

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