Broken but not Beaten

“How can you possibly think that being broken is wonderful?

You have lost everything. You have no money, no fame, no whatever you could possibly want. You are what is called a nobody by the world. You best go sit out on the street and start begging.

Can you guess who tells you these kind of things? The Devil. He already has the world and he will tell you anything thing that you would make you believe him. Well, there is an answer to all of this… JESUS.

Jesus came and paid your debt. And guess what? Your bill of death because of brokenness is paid off. Job, a God-fearing man, literally LOST everything he had or owned. He may have been frustrated with God but by the end, he praised Him even more. Could you do that? He spent days arguing with his friends about what happened and suddenly He praises God. I’ve got life all wrong. In the midst of my brokenness, I need to praise Him in my brokenness.

Praise Him day and night. Praise Him through good and bad. I’ve noticed this pattern in the Psalms. The Psalmist would be feeling broken but by the end, he praises God.

God takes the brokenness of our life to mould us into something greater. David messed up in his life, the result… He was promised that his lineage would produce the GREATEST King of all. Don’t focus on the negatives or broken things in your life. Notice them and work toward overcoming the obstacle in your life.

A couple weeks ago, I started feel alone. I was trapped inside the lie that loneliness is where I deserve to be. I was trapped in the brokenness of that. There is no need to sit and dwell in that. When I started sharing, I started to feel better. It’s all about taking the first step, talking, sharing. Once broken, is now healing.

No matter how broken you feel, let it go. God will take care of it where you are. Let your heart be vulnerable with people because there are people out there that will help or simply need the encouragement to share.

Also, PRAISE HIM! Your brokenness is welcome here. You are beautiful people no matter what you may be going through. I am praying for you!

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