New Year, New Beginning! Really?

Is New Years really a New Beginning? I mean we make promises and resolutions. But how many of us wake up the following New Years Eve to the realization that we harbour the same grudges, same animosity’s and same bad emotions as we did the year before. That we accomplished few positives in our lives?

You see, I for one have let so many bad relationship’s, circumstances and situations weigh me down like an anchor year after year. I allow it to drag me down to the point I feel like I am drowning. I mean on both sides of the isle, how many time does somebody owe us an apology for the same thing, how many times should we have to apologize for the same thing? Once! is the answer, and if it can’t be let go at that point, then we truly don’t understand forgiveness.

However, there is a point that when people continue to pile on new offenses you have to sit back and say, wait a minute, I don’t need this all of the time, where is my peace? So at that point let go and let God. Forgive them and walk away. Because letting them be an anchor around your neck, letting them hurt you time and time again then becomes a choice, our own choice to allow it’s continuance.

God demands forgiveness, but in that he never tells us we have to remain in the lives of those we forgive. Because forgiveness is for ourselves, especially when we are forgiving the “same people” for “different acts” all of the time. There comes a time when your happiness matters, that your feelings matter, even if it means walking away from a parent, sibling or friend. If people cannot treat you with respect, cannot love you for who you are, and cannot be a positive in your life, tie the anchor around that relationship and drop it in the ocean. Wash it away, and truly start a new life.

Trying not to look back will be hard, but worth the effort. I guess in all of this my opinion is, if your at fault, own up to it, apologize and ask for forgiveness, if you do not get it, walk away, you did your part! But! Never take blame or responsibility for something you did not do! Never apologize just to end a conflict! It will never end well.

And for those in your lives that don’t apologize or ask for forgiveness for their offenses against you, don’t wait. Forgive them, walk away, and live your life to the fullest! The best revenge in life is the life we lead! Our happiness and Success, will be the best weapon against people that wish you ill will, and that always cause conflict for you. Be nobody’s whipping post, emotionally or physically. Rise above the conflict! In an evil world, Noah listened to the word of God, and at the end of the storm, evil was washed away, and his life began anew! Build your own personal ARK and let the bad in your life be washed away!

This year, I am building that ARK, and want to look back 356 days from now, and see a true change in my life! I wish the same for all of you!

Much Love, and Happy New Years to everybody


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