Do You Want to Break Free?

May 3 Written By Ross Barrett

Do You Want to Break Free?

I have just been listening to that old song by Queen, “I want to break free”. I guess many of us want to break free, free from all that is going on in the world at the moment, break free from the lockdowns, break free from the pandemic.

With mental health being affected by this pandemic, there are some who feel trapped, caught, bound in some way or another. Their lives are lacking joy, peace and appear full of sadness. They find themselves questioning their expectations of life. Worry has become the norm in their everyday lives, so much so they have conditioned themselves to worry every minute of every day. Life is hard work, life is to be endured, yet there is hope; there is the freedom that can overcome all these obstacles in your life.

So, where is this hope to be found? Well in none other than the person of Jesus Christ. Not just any man, this man was the Son of the one true and Living God. Here was a man who spoke some amazing words of hope, of love, of encouragement, but not only did He speak them, He put them into practice. A man whose words were not empty or shallow but went deep down into the centre of those who heard and full of conviction.

Jesus went about bringing sight to the blind, the lame walked, the deaf heard, and those bound by their demons were set free. And because Jesus conquered death and is still alive, He is still working and healing in peoples lives today.

What keeps us in despair, in bondage, is what we call sin. We all have fallen short of the glory of God, but there is good news, and I mean really good news, and that is Jesus can forgive us of our sins and make us whole again, make us right with God again. Putting our past where it belongs, right back there in the past, and we can move into everything God intended us to be, which is life in all its fullness. Or, as another famous song put it, “Amazing Grace”.

Jesus is our hope. Jesus is still changing lives. Call out to Him, and He will answer you.

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