Are You Burnt Out On Religion?

Many denominational churches are ignoring three-fifths of the fivefold ministry. They have forgotten or perhaps are ignoring the roles of apostle, prophet and evangelist. In fact, I think that the line in the creed should be changed from “And we believe in one holy catholic apostolic Church.” To “we believe in one holy hierarchical church”. Because that is what it has become, a model of leadership based on power and position operating like a top-down company.

We need more apostles, prophets and evangelists simply because, if nothing else, these people are risk-takers, they are missional minded over maintenance driven, they break ground and plant new communities of faith. They believe all have a role in the church, that all are sent. Think Paul! He was an apostle and a visionary leader, refusing to conform to the religious institutions of the day – a maverick.

As followers of Jesus, we must ask ourselves, “are we making God available in our neighbourhoods? which is really His neighbourhood. Jesus showed us the way how we should do church – out among the people. Yet many local churches lost that, they lack vision, they speak another language and act to churchy. They have become controlling, and in all, their efforts are in decline. Their understanding of how a church should be has become narrow.

God started the church, and He has a mission for that church. The church is there for God and His purposes. So if you are a follower of Jesus, I want to encourage you that you are a part of something greater than yourself. You were saved for God by His grace. Jesus is the shepherd, Jesus is the redeemer & Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Let us then love passionately what God loves, who He loves. I want to see a church that is as simple as sharing a meal, laughing, and fellowshipping that includes breaking bread, laying hands on those in need, singing and praying. And we can start by asking God, “how can we reach out to our families, friends and neighbours?”

Let’s begin by really praying to listen to what God would have us do, then get off our backsides and go do it….


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