Love Thy Neighbour

“The man wanted to justify his actions, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbour?” Luke 10:29

What has become of the world? It is a place that is fully divided on every single issue imaginable: refugees, abortion, war, religion, fundamental human rights and the most recent one, vaccines. And how do we try and solve these issues? We play the blame game. We point the finger at the other side, pointing out their faults and failings, and when they shout back, we shout louder (because that is what Jesus did………Not)

Yet, History has shown us it simply doesn’t work in that manner.

The enemy is always trying to get you to pick a side. And we need to stop banging our heads against brick walls and start to feel the pain. We need to look into the eyes of those on the other side and see them as our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. This may surprise some, we are not perfect; our side is not perfect. We need to stop and think about how ridiculous the argument has become. We need to stop and listen to understand, not to reply. We need to start searching for the absolute truth and stop pointing the finger. It is time to understand what it means to give up something for the greater good. This is what Jesus did.

God is love; Jesus showed us the way. We can start by loving our neighbour. Here at Bad Boy Turned Good, I know everyone can contribute, and more often than not it is that person we least expect who steps up and helps out in our time of need. Our job as good neighbours is to be there for one another and work together to affirm the dignity designated to every person as a child of God.

2 responses to “Love Thy Neighbour”

  1. Amen
    By Our Father’s Grace and Mercy “We can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us”

  2. We love because first he loved us… how can we not love neighbour, friend, family, the lost, last, least, lonely, those with privilege and those without, those who live in dire poverty and all those who live with a little or a lot more, the ones with power and those who feel powerless, the persecuted… and all those we consider other to ourselves – and that takes us closer to the beating heart of God. When we shift our focus from loving just those that are easy and we pay attention to the leading of the Lord we encounter those who are willing to contribute and sometimes this can overwhelm us because they are contributing much more of themselves than perhaps we do.

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