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  • Poverty Doesn’t Just “Go Away”

    Poverty Doesn’t Just “Go Away”

    In the slums of Nairobi, the number of young not being able to feed themselves has been growing for many years. But I’m letting you today to let you know that we have just launched an exciting outreach that is registered with the Kenyan government to tackle this important issue head on and how YOU […]



    Girls in Kenya are forced to have in sex in exchange for sanitary productsdue to the prevalence of period poverty and the shame, stigma and public health misinformation which surrounds menstruation. Our Street Smart Sister programme was set up to give these young girls sanitary product packs & food packs as an opportunity not to […]

  • Almost 400 families hit by flash flooding in Luang Prabang

    Almost 400 families hit by flash flooding in Luang Prabang

    I have just been in touch with our man Outhai Phommalin, on the ground in Luang Prabang. The Nan District has been devastated by flooding and left 372 families homeless. At present there are no reports of any deaths, thank God, Not only have they lost their homes, they have lost their sources of income, […]

  • Kampot Girl

    Kampot Girl

    It was by the side of the road on the outskirts of Kampot City – a major tourist place in the south of Cambodia, built at the bottom of Bokor Mountain – that we caught sight of the smudge faced little girl, picking through the days rubbish, searching for something to eat. And she rummaged […]

  • Cross-Cultural Relationships

    Cross-Cultural Relationships

    Cross-Cultural Relationships – Here at Bad Boy Turned Good & Compassionate Kitchen, if we are not friends, we can’t work together, we have to be friends first.

  • Local Food – Global Impact

    Local Food – Global Impact
  • Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry

    Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry

    Okay, it’s Champions league day and you want something you can eat easy with a fork and perhaps a beer in front of the telly? So what is better than a katsu curry… don’t want to make it yourself, well if you live in the West Waterford are you can call and collect Did you […]

  • Street Kitchen Church Diner

    Street Kitchen Church Diner

    Next Saturday St Patricks Day sees the begining of our little diner in Villierstown, Ireland. Every Saturday from 5pm to 7pm you can call & collect or sit in and enjoy some food form our street kitchen menu. As the summer approached we will be extending our opening times and of course the menu. Alongside […]

  • White Carrot er No… Its a Parsnip

    White Carrot er No… Its a Parsnip

    This cream-colored root vegetable may grow like a carrot, and look like a carrot, and is related to parsley, but make no mistake:  the unassuming parsnip is in a class all its own, with a subtle sweetness that draws in even the most discerning taste. Parsnips have been known for their sweetness. Native to Eurasia […]