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  • “Love Your Neighbor, Not Your Religion: Jesus’ Message of Unconditional Love”

    “Love Your Neighbor, Not Your Religion: Jesus’ Message of Unconditional Love”

    In a world often divided by religious beliefs and ideologies, it’s essential to remember the core message of Jesus Christ, which transcends these boundaries. Many people focus on their religion, often overlooking the simple yet powerful commandment Jesus gave us: to love our neighbours.

  • Confrontation with Love: Following Jesus’ Example

    Confrontation with Love: Following Jesus’ Example

    In a world where confrontation can often lead to bitterness and resentment, it is essential to remember the teachings of Jesus Christ. He showed us that there is a significant difference between confrontation and condemnation.

  • Defining “Neighbour”

    Defining “Neighbour”

    Instead of asking, “Who is my neighbour?” we should ask ourselves, “Who can I be a neighbour to?” This shift in perspective encourages us to proactively seek out opportunities to help others rather than waiting for them to come to us.

  • Arise & Shine

    Arise & Shine

    Then Haggai, the Lord’s messenger, gave the people this message from the Lord: “I am with you, says the Lord!” So the Lord sparked the enthusiasm of Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah, and the enthusiasm of Jeshua son of Jehozadak, the high priest, and the enthusiasm of the whole remnant of God’s people.…

  • You Are Awesome

    You Are Awesome

    You control your life. You control your destiny. You control how you feel – people and circumstances should not control you…..

  • Absent Fathers

    Absent Fathers

    The biggest issue in society today is absent fathers. Research shows a connection between father absence and an increase in social problems such as poverty, teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, physical abuse, suicide, substance and alcohol abuse and a host of other troubling social problems. We must help men understand their vital roles as husbands and…

  • God Given Abilities

    God Given Abilities

    Deep within the human spirit is a desire and a capability to do wonderful things. Because we were made in the image of God we inherited from Him the desire to create, to accomplish, to make things happen. But God would not give us these desires without also giving us the means to carry them…

  • The 2 Principles of Success

    The 2 Principles of Success

    After studying many bible characters, champions and leaders and why some have succeeded and while others have failed, I have come to the knowledge  that there are 2 principles that control our lives, our actions. 1st Principle: The Principle of Thought “I think therefore I am”.. Descartes You are what you think… Change your thoughts,…

  • Seek & You Will Find..

    Seek & You Will Find..

    If you would like me to pray for you personally, please leave a comment.

  • Do You Know Your Purpose in Life?

    Do You Know Your Purpose in Life?

    “No individual has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it”….. George Washington Carver If your purpose does not motivate you, I would question the purpose you are living for. Does your purpose 1. Motivate you? 2. Keep…

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