Satan is prowling around!

Satan is prowling around and devouring those willing to be taken up to the top of the mountain, those bowing down and worshipping him. How many in Hollywood, the music industry etc., publicly state on television that “they have sold their souls”?

What If God Asks You?

What if God asks you to become the answer to someone’s prayer? will you respond? God sent and still sends ordinary people to impossible places to do His work. There is so much excitement to be found in obedience to God. “But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in…

Is The Church In Crisis Mode? 

In the post covid pandemic era, the church must recognise that God is calling His people to work radically differently from the roles that pastors, ministers and church leaders traditionally occupied in the past. Christian communities need to be built where the people are rather than expect the people to come into currently existing church…


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