How Are You Responding?

Have you ever noticed that when something takes you by surprise, your first response is usually the wrong one? I mean, how often has this happened to you? You thought you were making progress, your felt that you were learning, but then that curveball gets chucked at you when you least expect it!

This was Phillip on the hillside when the crowds came in John 6. Jesus knew what he was going to do. Jesus, probably tired, sees the crowd and is moved by the immensity of their needs. So, He throws a curveball at Phillip by asking, “Where can we buy bread to feed these people?” Phillip basically responds we don’t have the money! Hey Jesus, there are 5,000 men at least here. Don’t you know how many months we would have to work just to earn enough to buy food to feed these people?

And like Phillip, when we are tested or thrown a curveball, even though we proclaim our trust in God, are we not quick to respond in a worldly way. We start looking at the issue through our earthly eyes instead of looking at it through our eyes of faith. (And it is impossible to please God without faith! Hebrews 11:6)

Then we read about the young boy who faithfully gave what little he had and watched Jesus multiply it.

How would you have responded if you were Phillip? What answer would you have given? Or, if you were the young boy, would you have readily handed over your lunch?

I have read this miracle many times, and it was only when reading this time I noticed this, “the resources to meet the needs of the crowd were in the crowd.”

Give whatever resources you have, however small you may think they are, give them to Jesus, trust in Him, see-through eyes of faith and watch Him multiply it.

The King is Coming. Are You Ready?

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